Car loan with final installment provider.

In addition to the last installment, extremely low installments are possible. The interest rates of the cheapest providers are in the order of two to three percent. The placement in our car loan comparison is higher, the cheaper the car loan is. Interesting facts about auto loans. Cheap car loan with final exchange rate – […]

How to refinance vehicles?

In times of crisis – or even due to the emergence of an unforeseen event – it often becomes necessary to get extra money. Except that sometimes, however, conventional loans charge very high interest rates, making debt repayment almost impossible. In order to get around this situation there is vehicle refinancing, ideal for those who […]

Avoid over-indebtedness with the repurchase of credits.

If debts accumulate, buying back loans is a solution to lower your monthly payments and avoid over-indebtedness. In return, the duration of the loan increases, bringing with it its overall cost. Let us take stock of this mechanism. Lighten your monthly budget with the credit buyout While immediately reducing the weight of repayments on your […]

Credit and loan – find out the differences between these financial products.

  The terms ‘loan’ and ‘credit’ are often used interchangeably. However, this is a mistake. There are many differences between these financial products. Meet the most important of them. The basic difference between a loan and a loan, ie who grants them The loan is a financial product offered exclusively by banks and cooperative savings […]

Contract and bank loan

  A relatively large number of employees are employed under a mandate contract. For employers, the mandate contract is a form of cheaper employment compared to employment contracts. However, the employee has worse conditions, less stability. This also applies to the possibility of using bank loans. Banks value stable employment with their clients. They definitely […]